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Roxy Dry Cleaners  is the first online laundry staurt-up companies in Vizag to introduce the premium Laundry,dry cleaning and wet clothes washing services.We pick up your dirty duds from your doorstep and deliver fresh, clean clothes back at your doorstep on the same day.

Roxy Dry Cleaners services provide affordable and convenient way of getting your wash, laundry and dry-clean done with prime quality in Visakhapatnam. Our instant pickup at a slot chosen by you with a turnaround time of 24 hours provides you laundry and dry cleaning with best quality. The processing of washing, laundry and dry cleaning is done in best-class setups with Italian equipment and German chemicals. We also do laundry with antiseptic wash, fabric softener and hygienic detergents. You can also visit our Live Processing Centre in Vizag for self washing in our premises.

Roxy Dry Cleaners  cleaning, Rolling, Polishing, Steam Press, 100% pure petrol wash, Stain removal services. We are specialized in the removal of stains of all natures without damaging the fabric.

Try Our Best Laundry services by scheduling the pickup and get your laundry and dry clean at the tap of a button. We also do carpet dry cleaning, shoe dry cleaning, sofa cover dry cleaning and so on.

Being a very cost effective washing solution Bus Travels,Car Travel, Hospitals and restaurants, Clinics, Hotels, SPA’s and Hostels are increasingly making use of Roxy Dry Cleaners Laundromats services. It is not only about technology and machines; Roxy Dry Cleaners retains the human touch with our professional and personalized services. It is all about satisfaction and we are just that!

By anticipating our customer’s needs, we strive for Excellence with our innovative solutions and services. Thus we make our customer’s work easier and life happier in our Laundromat.


Fluff and Fold

Fluff and fold is a convenient laundry service for your machine washable clothing and linens. This service is also often called “Wash and Fold” or “Drop off Laundry” because we wash, dry, and fold your laundry after you drop it off at our laundromat.

At Roxy Dry Cleaners  we do a few extra steps that make a big difference for your laundry and the environment. You’ll get cleaner laundry more efficiently than doing it at home with no compromises on price or quality.

Sort your laundry by color for washing
Use liquid detergent and fabric softener
Wash and rinse your laundry in a sanitized ozone washer
Sort your laundry by fabric weight for drying
Fold and package your laundry by type, separating clothing from linens
Of course it all comes down to execution, simply doing the 5 steps above does not guarantee superior results. Our secret sauce is the interaction between our well-trained attendants, advanced commercial ozone washers, and thoughtfully laid out facilities.

We Sanitize Your Laundry
All wash and fold orders are sanitized with ozone, which kills the microorganisms that detergent and traditional laundering methods leave behind.

While you can sanitize your laundry at home with bleach and hot water of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, high impact laundering with harsh chemicals and high temperatures increases your utility bill and stress on the environment.

You’ll also reduce the life and quality of your clothes and linens.

Ozone gives you the best of both – more effective sanitizing than hot water and bleach without damaging the environment or your laundry.

Dry Cleaners

laundromat in Anaheim on State College Blvd. and La Palma Ave. With drop off dry cleaning and laundry service, you can get all your clothes cleaned in less than five minutes instead of driving to both the cleaners and a laundromat. For even more convenience, we offer door-to-door dry cleaning service: dry cleaning with free pickup and delivery
Most people clean a majority of their clothing and linens with a washing machine that uses water and detergent, and use dry cleaning for business or formal garments like suits and dresses. But what is dry cleaning, and when should you use it over regular laundering?

In short, if the item you need to clean is delicately constructed, or made of a material damaged by water, use dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning refers to a cleaning process that uses a liquid chemical solvent other than water to clean clothing and textiles. It’s a somewhat confusing term because the process is not “dry” in that liquid solvents are used, only “dry” in the sense that no water is used.

Natural fabrics like wool and silk should be dry cleaned because they are damaged by water. Dry cleaning is also good for cleaning garments with delicate decorations like buttons, lace, or sequins which can be damaged by tumbling around in regular washers and dryers.
Use dry cleaning when the care label of the garment says “Dry Clean Only”. The following points offer additional guidance to help you decide whether or not you should dry clean something.

Launder & Press Launder and press simply means regular laundering in a washing machine with water and detergent. Instead using a tumble dryer, the garments are then pressed for the sharp, crisp look everyone loves.

“Launder & Press” is also a potentially confusing term because its mostly found under the dry cleaning umbrella, even though water and detergent is used in the cleaning process. 

Commercial Laundry

Laundry provides commercial laundry and linen service to businesses in Southern California. Our passion is partnering with other businesses and supporting their growth with our customizable laundry solutions.

Our large capacity 90-lb washers and 80-lb dryers are built for industrial sized loads of linens, sheets, towels, or pretty much any machine washable item your business needs.

Seeing one whole order of your business’s laundry from pickup to delivery helps us provide very accurate pricing quotes. Not only does this help us understand your business’s specific laundry needs, it gives you first hand experience with our service and value proposition. We’re also happy to provide pricing quotes over the phone or via email. We offer flexible billing options (monthly, weekly, per order) and we do not require contracts.

With such an incredible trial offer at only $0.925 per pound, trying Roxy Dry Cleaners  commercial linen service is risk free! At worst you get convenient pickup and delivery laundry service at a below market price. At best you gain a long-term solution for your business’s laundry, which helps you focus your labor and capital elsewhere.

Pickup and Delivery

Laundry is a chronic recurring problem that’s never completely done. Just when you finish one load, there’s already another one ready to go!

If you have trouble keeping up with your family’s dirty laundry, or you just dread it so much that you keep putting it off day after day, then we’re here to simplify your life.

Ozone helps us be environmentally friendly when we’re washing your laundry, but that’s only half of the service. We’re also environmentally friendly when it comes to pickup and delivery.

In addition to our normal delivery van, which is used more for commercial clients, we also use Hybrid and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) to pickup and delivery to residential customers.

The regular use of Hybrid and PHEV’s to do pickups and deliveries helps us be green, all while still providing free pickup, delivery, and ozone sanitization to all our customers.

We’re committed to sustainability throughout the whole process of picking up, washing, drying, and delivering.



One of the main reasons why you should consider hiring our services for all your laundry needs is the fact that we have experience. Since we have been in the laundry service business for quite some time now, we have been able to perfect the art of cleaning all types of fabrics and clothes. We have been able to stay away from mistakes and be able to clean clothes to the fullest of our ability.

– We Offer Quality

We also offer quality to our customers, as we care about gaining recurring customers as opposed to one time customers who don’t want to use our services again. We are well aware on how most people search around to try different laundry services so they can buy the best one out there. This is why we make sure to offer the best quality service to all our customers. We aren’t the type of company that just wants your money and could care less about giving quality, we want you to think that the money you spent on us was worth giving to us.

We Thoroughly Clean Any Type Of Clothing

We also make sure that we thoroughly clean all the clothes that come to us. We aren’t like those services who just place tons of perfume on to the clothes to make it seem like it is clean. Our main goal and objective is to eliminate all the germs and stains your clothes may have so that they are 100% clean to make it seem is if the clothes are good as new. We want to offer the best services so that we can be a referred company to others.

– We Handle Your Dry Cleaning With Care

We also handle our customers clothes with care to make sure that we do not damage anyone’s clothing while it is being cleaned. There are many other laundry services out there that could care less about the well being of your clothes. We make sure that your clothes are clean and taken cared of with great care.

If you want your clothes to be taken cared of by a well experienced laundry company with well trained employees, then you must consider to seek our services. With our experience and laundry cleaning skills, we have been able to become one of the best companies for dry cleaning out there.


Washer & Dryer Prices

  • Speed Queen Top Loading Washer (7 Total)$2.00
  • Dexter 20 lb Washer (4 Total)$2.50
  • Dexter 30 lb Washer (8 Total)$3.00
  • Dexter 40 lb Washer (8 Total)$4.00
  • Dexter 60 lb Washer (4 Total)$6.00
  • 30 lb Dryer (28 Total)$0.25 For 10 Min

Individually Priced Items

  • Twin & Full Comforters$17.00
  • Queen & King Comforters$22.00
  • Sleeping Bags$2.00
  • Pillows$12.00 – $22.00

Wash & Fold

  • Twin/Full $15.00
  • Queen/King $20.00
  • Regular $6.00
  • Down $10.00

Pickup and delivery

  • Laundered & Pressed Dress Shirt $2.50
  • Blouse $5.85
  • Coat (Lab /Heavy / Rain) $12.50
  • Dress $12.50




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